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Application Development

Our applications, mostly in the form of mobile responsive websites built in Drupal or .NET, help clients solve business problems, build efficiencies, and communicate effectively. With an underpinning of solid: planning, organization, procurement and development of website assets, we hand craft the user experience, honing in on the key central message, building a custom framework from which the user can best relate to the sites information and agenda. Agenda ranging from increasing sales through eCommerce to explaining and building complicated econometric date sets through innovating new toolsets algorithms and data visualizations, Blue Tundra hand builds custom applications tailored to the clients needs.
Expressing data visually is our specialty. Complex relational data sets, geospatial and data expressed overtime often benefit from thought out data visualizations. We've helped clients visualize financial data, indicators and distributions on maps and use popular tools written in JavaScript and other tools to accomplish the client mission.
From online cosmetic stores to online grocery stores, we have eCommerce covered. We focus on product, with special attention to mobile. eCommerce has global reach and around the clock availability, reduced costs and increased ability to target market. Blue Tundra is your guide. We can design and build a website for maximum customization, integrate with back end inventory system and or help with strategy and business planning.
We review and establish website security protocols, including access control, authentication policies and implement hardening through preventive security modules, server and firewall configurations, perform maintenance patching on the server and application layer, and run website security audit scans to find vulnerabilities.
Complex problems sometimes require complex solutions such as software based on heuristics, self adjusting software that uses data input to perform calculations, process data and perform automated reasoning based on the combination of feedback loops, statistical and mathematical formula. Our smart software powers online tools whose output, produces data sets critical to clients missions.
Connecting multiple data sources together is often a critical aspect of applications with a distributed nature. Remote API development is the glue to bind systems together, perhaps this takes the form of pulling real estate listings into a site or binding an HR program to an Intranet. We implement APIs from other software libraries in our code, leveraging the best open source tools has to offer in addition to authoring new APIs for integration.
We work with popular open source CMS platforms such as Drupal WordPress and Joomla and when needed, provide advanced custom module development in PHP and JavaScript and in Drupal with the Drupal API. We leverage the vast pool of contributed modules and widgets and hand select existing tools based on interoperability with the existing system or framework, quality and security of code.