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System Administration

With the changing landscape of security and computing in general, We are actively developing new ways to keep the applications we build more secure and performing optimally. From security to deployment we build out custom cloud Infrastructure (AWS) that involves capacity planning server hardening, continuous deployment of code improvements and patches. Technologies might include: Linux, Windows, Server Administration High Availability, Load Balancing Security, System Hardening, SSL and Encryption, Monitoring Firewalls (IP Tables ), IP / Bot Block Lists.
Maximizing up-time and minimizing down-time, we build cloud infrastructure to be redundant, eliminating single points of failure across multiple layers of infrastructure; where clusters of web servers live behind clusters of load balancers with IP mapping. Database servers are dedicated and are in their own redundant cluster. Failure detection and monitoring send alerts and failover automatically. The application is spread over multiple data centers in different geographic regions.
We install, secure, optimize configure and maintain internal computer networks, manage network security tools, e.g., firewall, anti-virus and intrusion detection systems, Identify, troubleshoot, solve and document network connectivity and performance issues. Our solutions create efficiencies and cut cost and save people and organizations time and money as well as provide companies with a competitive advantage in their industry.
We build high performance line of operation servers on various platforms such as AWS and design, install, administer, and optimize servers and distributed services that scale, that are compartmentalized and redundant, cost effective, that are orchestrated by configuration management tools such as salt and puppet and chef. Our systems live in the: cloud, local virtualization, or hybrid environments and take the form of different server types such as - database, web, firewall etc..
When legacy systems become obsolete or consolidating systems makes the most business sense, often data needs to move from one place to the next. We write custom mapper scripts that dynamically connect to data sources and destinations. Often migrations must respect production environments and timing, we work with the client to maintain data integrity and while not interrupting business continuity
We host websites, setup and maintain dedicated cloud hosting environments on a wide range of platforms including AWS, Rackspace and Digital Ocean. We provide capacity planning to determine IT infrastructure cost and take care of software setup and configuration, technical support, patch management, system maintenance, monitoring and updates, backups and disaster recovery, load balancing, security services, such as vulnerability scans, intrusion detection, and distributed denial-of-service prevention and mitigation.
With the rise of the mobile web, low bandwidth considerations are real and along with spikes in user traffic, applications that are fine-tuned, not just well written, but that use compression and buffers and cache data (in various ways such reverse proxies http accelerators) out perform those that don't. Performance can make or break a website. We use advanced methods implementing cache that decrease load times and insure peek performance.