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Design and Marketing

We build compelling and balanced visual assets that connect your brand to your customers and differentiate your product in the market place. We start by identifying the four P's of Marketing: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion, and eventually arrive at a sound marketing strategy. We extend websites reach by optimizing SEO, hand crafting design assets to fit the marketing goals. We do work shops and branding exercises with the client, from mood boards to mock ups versions, we create unique brands and all the visual media that supports clear brand identity. This fits into overall brand strategy for the company.
We start by understanding the brand, or the perceived image of the product or service being sold and think strategically about the product's success in the market place how it is differentiated from the competition. Then we help with naming and unified messaging and derive supporting visuals to create a composite image that will persist into the future.
Our artists create cutting-edge design that is practical, that services the communication and marketing needs of the client. Regardless of which type of visual asset we make, whether a logo, a website layout, an illustrative info-graphic for a promotion, they encompass a keen aesthetic and are derivative of core design principles such as, emphasis, composition and color theory.
We have custom-built CRM's in .NET for clients in a variety of industries such as manufacturing and publishing and implement open source versions such as civiCRMs to integrate and synthesize constituent and customer data into engagement strategies with measurable impact
With SEO, quality content and site reputation trumps all but there are other incremental steps to focus on as well. We start SEO with an audit which forms the basis for SEO strategy. We fix website technical errors, duplicate content, redirect chains, week site architecture, over use of meta data, etc and then focus on establishing brand, quality of content, links, local presence and mobile.
We incorporate social media channels into the overall communication strategy, integrating your organization's key message with the online conversation. To best engage audience, we work with you to select which channels, Twitter Facebook etc, help implement new content, promotions, and fuse these efforts into a successful social media presence that energizes marketing campaigns.
Whether launching a new product or service, or reviving an old one, we build integrated campaigns. We strategize, develop customize content, select channel, map out target markets and coordinate digital campaigns (email,social media, advertising) to communicate message. We help capture and analyze online interaction, and establish feedback loops to Customer Resource Management programs to help track the efficacy of the campaigns.