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Washington DC based Digital Agency with 18 years of Cross Industry Experience

Blue Tundra Software provides short and or long term support designing, developing and administering applications including business analysis and project management functions. For the past eighteen years, we have successfully helped clients in a range of capacities from effectively communicating and distilling the components of international development agenda to building efficiencies in the private sector. We have custom-built manufacturing ERP systems to algorithms that improve industry indicators. Our clients range from well-established institutions such as US The National Archives to small business and DC based non-profits.

Industry Spotlight



We work with businesses of all size, we help the startup entrepreneur with branding and starter websites to architecting custom line of business applications for larger clients. We operate with both fixed price and hourly retainer agreements. We create efficiencies in business process, creating positive return on investment for our projects.

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Non Profit

Blue Tundra helps non-profits with their online space, from constituent management to strategies to build donations, Blue Tundra carefully crafts and executes plans for successful out reach.

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Intergovernmental Organizations

Building and maintaining information products ranging from algorithms, online decisions tools, community of practice sites, toolkits, to Indicators Daniel Cramer's LinkIn profile page


With successful completion of major government projects, Blue Tundra with up-to-date commercial experience, brings agility, team scalability and increased performance of IT assets to government clients.

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Federal Contracting

Blue Tundra Software LLC is HubZone certified.
DUNS: 026005243
CAGE: 6TDY3 Capabilities Statement (PDF)

HubZone Certified


541511 - Custom Computer Programming Services
519130 - Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and Web Search Portals
541430 - Graphic Design Services
711510 - Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers
711510 - Marketing Consulting Services
541519 - Other Computer Related Services
541519 - Computer Systems Design Services
541519 - Computer Facilities Management Services

State Contracting

Blue Tundra LLC is a certified business enterprise (CBE) in DC. DC CBE Program

Certified Business Enterprise (CBE)



We are an operation of tightly-knit skilled designers, developers and admins, who meet project deadlines. We work in small agile teams working together to achieve success for the customer.



Daniel, principal of Blue Tundra, focuses on the primary aspects of the organization including, account management, design, development and system administration. There is no job too big or small for Blue Tundra to take on.


Kendall is a power house Creative Director, illustrator and designer. With years of commercial experience in New York City; she leads and develops creative teams.


Senior Drupal developer and stacked with patience and with a solid understanding of business, renders projects small and large.


Rock solid and reliable senior Drupal and Java developer, Lijan architects complex systems with elegant simplicity and chips away, refactoring until perfection.


Highly experience in the Government sector, language agnostic, and down to earth. He takes command as technical director, working from Python, AngularJS to Ruby and .NET, Ringer is a senior developer and master architect.


Patricia masterfully strategizes with clients. She handles social media, SEO and specializes in content development. She creates language and conversation to promote, strengthen and improve performance of brands.
Our Process

Our Process

Our process is iterative - we revisit and re-integrate and re-factor during the software development life cycle. We follow a general linear flow outlined below, but tap each modality frequently, optimizing until we have a production quality product.
We focus on understanding the client's business model, its context; we identify problems and create strategy, plan and problem solve technology solutions and improve performance for the organization. We use industry best practices through our core skill set, design, development and administration in combination with business acumen to bridge the gap and improve business through the use of technology . We have experience across many industries that we perpetually leverage to refine our services. We build long term assets for the organization, we recommend tech solutions, either build / implement part or all of it, work with and train staff in your organization on the implementation.
Blueprints of the software, listing features and functions of the system. The Functional Specification report includes use cases for various users and roles within the context of a particular goal or workflow. For example, user A goes here, does this, creates output B which is then used by user C. The functional spec defines the universe of the software, a detailed breakdown of its functions.
We first develop project life cycle plans and functional specifications, then manage development and creative teams, staff projects, create projects schedules and supervise using tools such as: Pert, Gantt Charts). We collaborate with stakeholders, distill and integrate feedback into project plans and liaise with project members. We tackle contingency planning and agile project management.
From planning to testing we take an iterative approach to development and are continually refining the product to a perfected end state. We work closely with the client, obtaining feedback along the project life cycle from the beginning to the end with the goal of delivering an end product that fits the customers needs, not just meeting the project requirements..
We have numerous criteria we test before launching an application including security, site speed and site functionality. We comb through the application on a staging environment, looking for loose ends, potential exploits and diligently fix bugs. Once the application is production quality ready, we document functionality and train the customer in the use of the software.
Perhaps the most important aspect of the software development life cycle, we train company staff on how to make the most from the software investment. From adding simple content to adding new pages with custom layouts that respect in place style guides, Blue Tundra is on site, on the phone, responding to emails working with staff with the simple goal of sustainability.
Customer Focus



Understanding clients objectives before proposing potential solutions is our first step. Our goal is to listen and learn from the client, bringing innovation and problem solving skills to the table and leverage technology; applying it strategically to the project goals creating comparative advantages for the customer.

Create long term IT assets

We take personal responsibility and accountability for timely response to client queries, requests or needs, working to remove obstacles that may impede execution or overall success. We train individuals and groups in use of the applications we build, avoiding over technical jargon, focusing on clarity and maximum ROI for the customer.

Teamwork and Ownership

We collaborate with clients and other project team members and contribute productively to the team's work and output, demonstrating respect for different points of view. We work in small teams with direct communication. We drive for results and take personal ownership in meeting deadlines and achieve agreed-upon results.


For project inquires, please contact Daniel Cramer 202-642-1030 | Email